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Best Way to Combat Alzheimer's Is a Healthy Lifestyle, Studies Show
- USA Today

Breakthroughs Beckon for Alzheimer's
- Lifezette


Alzheimer's Drug LMTX Falters in Final Stage of Trials

Could This Computer Game Delay Alzheimer's Symptoms? New Study Suggests It Could
- The Washington Post

Promising Alzheimer's Treatment Flops in New Trial, Crushing Hopes

TauRx Alzheimer's Drug Fails in Large Study; Some Benefit Seen
- Reuter's

Determine Early Stages of Alzheimer's Disease Through Testing the Eyes And Nose Function
- Science World Report

More Evidence in Quest to Repurpose Cancer Drugs for Alzheimer's Disease
- Medical Xpress

Eye and Smell Tests May Reveal Early Dementia Signs
- The Guardian

Here's How to Gauge Your Alzheimer's Risk
- Yahoo7 Be

Smell Test Can Reveal If You Are at Alzheimer's Risk
- Business Standard

Red Wine Molecule May Slow Alzheimer's Symptoms, Study Finds
- Fox News

Anavex Alzheimer's Drug Plays Losing Game Against Placebo Effect
- TheStreet

Experimental Tau Protein Drug Tangled Up in Late-Stage Alzheimer's Study Failure
- TheStreet

Younger Onset Alzheimer's Poorly Recognized in Men, Study Says
- United Press International

Sniffing out Alzheimer's
- Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

New Alzheimer's Tool Could Detect the Disease Decades Before Cognitive Decline Begins
- The Science Explorer

TauRx Alzheimer's Drug Flunks Late-Stage Study
- BioPharma Dive

Research Highlights Misdiagnosis for People with Alzheimer's Disease
- Medical Xpress

University of Waterloo Researchers Behind New Diagnostic Test for Alzheimer's Disease
- CBC News

Drug 'May Slow' Alzheimer's Brain Death
- BBC News

Alzheimer's Disease Symptoms Halved by Gaming, Dementia Analysis Says
- International Business Times

Alzheimer's Disease is Harder to Diagnose in Men, Research Finds
- Nursing in Practice

Four Things to Know About Tau Therapy for Alzheimer's Disease
- NBC News


Does it Pass the 'Smell Test?' Seeking Ways to Diagnose Alzheimer's Early

Could an Optician Help Diagnose Dementia? Simple Eye Scan Could Find Warning Signs of Alzheimer's Years Before People Lose Their Memory
- Daily Mail

WHO: Prevention Tops List of Dementia Research Priorities

Women More Resistant to Alzheimer's Gene Effects Than Men, Study Finds
- Nature World News

Sudbury Researchers Study Indigenous Dementia
- The Sudbury Star

New Approaches to Understanding Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease
- Medical Xpress

How the Nose, Eyes May Hold Early Clues to Alzheimer's
- CBS News This Morning

Study Shows Having This Kind of Job Can Prevent You From Alzheimer's
- AOL Finance

Does Dementia Diagnosis Have Silver Lining for Some?
- HealthDay

2 in 10 Alzheimer's Cases May Be Misdiagnosed
- HealthDay

AAIC Data: Cognitive Training Reduces Dementia Risk by 48%

Smell Test May Be Effective in Early Detection of Alzheimer's
- CTV News

These Are the Jobs that Protect Your Brain from Alzheimer's, Dementia
- Global News

Some Men Die Without Ever Knowing They Had Alzheimer's Because They 'Don't Show the Same Signs of the Disease as Women'
- Daily Mail

Alzheimer's Maverick TauRx Tries to Weave Success from Failed Trial
- Forbes

Watch Out for Brain Game Claims
- MedPage Today

This Type of Job Fights off Alzheimer's Disease
- MoneyTalksNews

Drastic Change of Personality May Indicate Early Stage of Dementia, Doctors Say
- Parent Herald

HIV Update: Researchers Report First Case of HIV-Patient Diagnosed with Dementia
- Nature World News


Will Your Job Keep You Safe From Alzheimer's? Doctors and Teachers Are 'Most Protected' From the Impacts of an Unhealthy Lifestyle
- Daily Mail

Personality Changes Could Be First Clear Sign of Dementia
- International Business Times

Brain Games, Training Programs Could Lower Alzheimer's Risk
- Tech Times

Behavior Changes May Be First Signs of Alzheimer's
- HealthDay

Could These Kind of Jobs Help Prevent Alzheimer's Disease?

Alzheimer's Symptoms Could Be Prevented with a Computer Game, Researchers Say. How Skeptical Should We Be?

Computerized Brain Training Delays Dementia Development, Study Says

Avoidable Alzheimer's Admissions Costly
- MedPage Today

Challenging Job May Protect Damaged Brain
- MedPage Today

Health Care Costs, Mortality Rates Lower Among Treated Patients with Alzheimer's Disease

Research Suggests Symptomatic Alzheimer's Treatments May Reduce Care Costs
- Medical Xpress

Watch for These Behavioural Changes as Early Warning Signs of Dementia
- Global News

'Managing' Elderly Patients Without Powerful Antipsychotics
- HealthDay

Smell and Eye Tests May Be Next Step in Diagnosing Alzheimer's
- FOX News Health

Do This Kind of Work to Delay Alzheimer's
- Next Avenue

Jobs That Work with People, Not Just Data, Can Help Protect Against Alzheimer's


Personality Change May Be Early Sign of Dementia, Experts Say
- The New York Times

Brain Games Might Cut Alzheimer's Risk
- NBC Nightly News

Behavioural Changes Could Help Diagnose Dementia Early, New Research Shows
- CTV National News

Behavior Changes Offer Clues That Dementia Could Be Brewing
- Associated Press

Complex Jobs and Social Ties Appears to Help Ward Off Alzheimer's, New Research Shows
- The Washington Post

People-Oriented Jobs May Help Lower Alzheimer's Risk
- HealthDay

Could Brain Training Prevent Dementia?
- The New Yorker

Women May Be More Resilient to Effects of Alzheimer's Genes
- HealthDay

Menopause Mood Swings Could Be Sign of Dementia: Changes in Personality Among Checklist of Warning Signs that Could Herald Onset of the Condition
- Daily Mail

Stressful Job? It Might Help You Fight Off Alzheimer's
- The Telegraph

Job Complexity and Mental Speed Shown to Stave Off Alzheimer's
- The Globe and Mail

Treat Alzheimer's Patients Now, Researchers Say as Conference Opens in T.O.
- Toronto Star

Play On! In a First, Brain Training Cuts Risk of Dementia 10 Years Later

Do Web-Based Brain Games Really Prevent Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease?
- Inquisitr

Changes in Personality, Behavior Might Be Harbinger of Dementia
- Tech Times

Brain Training May Forestall Dementia Onset for Years, New Study Says
- LA Times

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