Advocate Profile — Jodi Lyons

Jodi Lyons

Jodi Lyons doesn't care about your political views. And the self-described "political junkie" keeps hers to herself. Because when it comes to Alzheimer's disease, personal politics don't matter, says the committed activist and Alzheimer's Association® Ambassador. "This is a totally nonpartisan issue," Jodi explains. "Alzheimer's disease is, unfortunately, a great unifier. The disease doesn't care which political party you're in and it doesn't care about your socioeconomic class."

Jodi first became interested in Alzheimer's advocacy through her work as founder and CEO of a company that helps families understand and select eldercare services. Because so many of her clients are affected by Alzheimer's, she confronts the disease on a near-daily basis. "I see so many clients and families devastated because of this disease, and there's nothing to stop it," she says. "It was sheer frustration and a sense of helplessness that drove me to become more active."

Jodi now sits on the Alzheimer's Association National Capital Area Chapter executive board. As an Ambassador, she keeps her member of Congress updated on Alzheimer's public policy issues and participates in a monthly conference call with other Ambassadors from around the country. "I'm looking forward to the day we don't have to do this because the disease is eradicated," she says. "Until then, it makes me feel better to take some action toward that eradication."


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