Research Grant Application Process and Timeline

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Research Grant Application Process and Timeline

Grants Overview Types of Grants Process and Timeline Funded Studies

Hundreds of talented scientists worldwide apply for grants from the Alzheimer's Association International Grant Program to fund investigations of new treatment methods, accelerate drug development and identify prevention strategies.

This page lists key dates for all research programs and outlines procedures and processes common to all research grant categories.

Applying for a research grant

Below is a summary of steps for applying for a research grant. Please refer to our complete Program Announcement for more information, including information on areas of focus and background information.

Step 1: Submit letter of intent and application

The first step in applying to the Alzheimer's Association for any research grant is to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) through the proposalCENTRAL on-line application system at proposalcentral.altum.com. Applications will not be accepted without an approved LOI. First-time users must register and fill out a Professional Profile in proposalCENTRAL to begin the application process. The Alzheimer's Association requires that all applicants must be registered as a reviewer with the Association to submit a letter of Intent. If you submit a letter of intent/application and are NOT currently registered as a reviewer, you will be automatically added to the Alzheimer's Association reviewer roster. Additionally, it is required that you review at least one grant proposal within your area of expertise, outside the grant competition to which you are applying.

The LOI and completed application must be submitted by a single principal investigator (PI). A PI cannot submit an LOI that has been approved or rejected during a previous grant cycle. All LOIs must be approved or rejected in the current grant cycle. Hard copies of the LOI will not be accepted. LOIs will not be accepted after the deadline date — no exceptions.

Step 2: Peer review

Once research proposals are submitted, the Alzheimer's Association uses a network of Alzheimer's scientists worldwide who voluntarily serve as peer reviewers. For each proposal, the Association assembles a specialized panel of three to four scientific and technical Alzheimer's experts to evaluate the project.

Reviewers use an online system for their reviews to discuss their assessment of a particular proposal and read the commentary of peers evaluating the same project.

Step 3: Second stage MSAC review

The peer review process results in a ranking of proposed research that is presented to the Alzheimer's Association Medical and Scientific Advisory Council (MSAC), a group of nationally and internationally recognized experts with long and distinguished careers in Alzheimer's disease. MSAC uses the peer review commentary and scoring to guide it in ensuring fairness and equity in the initial review process and to make funding recommendations to the Association.

This two-stage review process is central to the Alzheimer's Association award decisions and is designed to ensure both scientific rigor and fairness to all submitted applications. If you are interested in being considered as a reviewer for the Alzheimer's Association International Research Grant Program, please submit your CV to grantsapp@alz.org.

Step 4: Awards announced

Applicants are notified of grant awards via email provided in application.

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2016 Alzheimer’s Combination Therapy Opportunities (ACTO) key dates

Program Announcement April 2016
Letter of Intent Opens April 5, 2016
Letter of Intent Deadline May 20, 2016
Application Deadline August 10, 2016
Applicants Peer Review August - November 2016
Applicants Notified of Awards November 15, 2016

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2016 International Research Grant Program key dates - June Program

Program Announcement March 2016
Letter of Intent Opens March 7, 2016
Letter of Intent Deadline April 1, 2016
Application Deadline May 10, 2016
Application Peer Review May - June 2016
Applicants Notified of Awards August 30, 2016

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Sex and Gender in Alzheimer's (SAGA) Program key dates

Program Announcement November 2015
Letter of Intent Opens November, 2015
Letter of Intent Deadline December 21, 2015
Application Deadline January 27, 2016
Application Peer Review January 2016 - April 2016
Applicants Notified of Awards April 30, 2016

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Part the Cloud program key dates

Program Announcement December 2015
Letter of Intent Opens December 19, 2015
Informational Call January 5, 2016
Letter of Intent Deadline January 15, 2016
Application Deadline March 2, 2016
Application Peer Review March-April, 2016
Applicants Notified of Awards April 30, 2016

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For more information: Contact grantsapp@alz.org or call 312.335.5747.