Emerging Concepts in Basic Science

This series highlighting basic dementia science will be a can’t-miss aspect of AAIC 2019.



In 2016, the AAIC Scientific Program Committee introduced the Emerging Concepts series, an innovative aspect of the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference® program designed specifically for basic dementia science.

One Emerging Concepts session will be held each day from Sunday to Tuesday of the conference, concluding with a panel discussion on Wednesday that includes the three session leads.

2019 Emerging Concepts Sessions

Sunday, July 14 | [EC-01] Them's the Breaks – DNA Damage Drives Aging and Dementia

Monday, July 15 | [EC-02] The Role of Stress Granules in Neurodegeneration

Tuesday, July 16 | [EC-03] Emerging Concepts in Basic Science Series: Is There a Causative Role for Infectious Organisms in Alzheimer’s Disease?

Wednesday, July 17 | [EC-04] Panel Discussion

Karl Herrup, Stacie Weninger and Benjamin Wolozin will each summarize the Emerging Concepts in Basic Science sessions that took place on Sunday through Tuesday. Audience questions and panelist discussion in response to these questions is the main format of this session.


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