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Morning Session
Becoming the Concrete Caregiver
Presented by Taylor Kuzel, MPH, HSM

Concrete is one of the strongest substances made by humans. It’s at the foundation of buildings, bridges and highways. Like concrete, many things go into making you a strong, confident caregiver; there is not one magic piece of advice or list of steps to follow. Taylor Kuzel from the Alzheimer’s Association will present a variety of practical caregiving tips that translate into actionable solutions for dementia caregiving. By demystifying the challenges of the disease, the feelings of emotional and physical burden may lessen and you and the person you care for may have a better experience together on this journey. Caregivers will receive a kit with items discussed during the presentation.

Afternoon Session
Your Caregiving Guidebook, as written by people living with dementia
Presenter: Laura Bowley

What would happen if we understood caregiving from the perspective of the person living with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia? The answer to this question came to Maureen Matthews when she was given a woman's diary, recorded from the moment she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s until she could no longer write. The personal stories shared in the diary inspired Maureen to found To Whom I May Concern®, a program that supports people living with dementia to tell their stories and educate others about what it's like to live with dementia.

Meeting Maureen was just what Laura Bowley needed after her own eight-year-journey of long-distance caregiving for her mother came to a close. Since then she has dedicated herself to changing how we think about dementia based on the words of those living with the disease. In this presentation, you will hear real stories from people living with dementia, collected through To Whom I May Concern® programs over the years. You will both laugh and cry as you experience the emotions of people diagnosed with dementia. Guided by their words of wisdom about coping, acceptance, fear, hope and dreams, you will also reflect on your own experience of caregiving and your relationship with the people in your life who are living with dementia.