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March 27, 2019

7:45 am - 4:00 pm

Location: Adult Center of Prescott 

Cost: $45 - Individual; $75 - Professional (includes CEUs)

Conference Agenda

7:45 am — Check-in/Registration & Breakfast

8:30 am — Welcome

8:45 am — Keynote
David Coon, PhD - ASU School of Nursing
Title: “Partners in Care: Strategies Across the Care Continuum“
Description: This presentation focuses on key changes and challenges across the trajectory of dementia.  It provides examples of proven strategies to help caregiving professionals, family members, friends, and people with memory loss work together more effectively. 

10:00 am — BREAK

10:15 am — Breakout Session 1A Presenter: Brandon Baxter - AAA-NACOG
Title: “An Unexpected Journey: Navigating Aging and Disability Resources and Services"
Description: One of the most common and heartbreaking refrains from family caregivers that we at the Area Agency on Aging – NACOG hear is “I wish I knew about these supports and services years ago!” Oftentimes family caregivers feel as though they are all alone with no help available. Good News – You are not alone! Learn about accessing the aging and disability networks supports and services. What are the Older American’s Act supports and services available locally and nationwide to family and long distance caregivers? Build your knowledge about accessing resources so if or when a need arises, you find yourself prepared. Have questions about aging? We have answers! 

10:15 am — Breakout Session 2A
Bonnie Shimko, CSA - Arizona Care Management Solutions
Title: "Personal Advocacy Today and For Your Future"
Description: How can you dramatically improve your quality of life if you become incapacitated in the future? Act as if you are a time traveler today and imagine visiting your future self and identifying your future needs. Learn how to be your own advocate and assemble a team that will meet those needs in the future.

11:15 am — BREAK

11:30 am — General Session
Heather Mulder - Banner Alzheimer’s Institute
Title: “Fact or Fiction: The Truth about Alzheimer’s disease”
Description: When it comes to Alzheimer’s disease, we are constantly bombarded with ads touting the latest, greatest prevention strategy. Join this fun, interactive session by Banner Alzheimer’s Institute as we sort through the noise, share the truth about Alzheimer’s disease, where we are and where we’re headed and leave with easy steps you can take to join us in our fight to end Alzheimer’s disease before another generation is lost.

12:30 pm— LUNCH (Included)

1:15 pm — Breakout Session 1B
Kinsey McManus - Alzheimer's Association Desert Southwest Chapter
Title: “Put Your Oxygen Mask On First: Self-Care Practices for the Caregiver" 
A caregiver’s responsibilities can seem overwhelming at times. So it is vital that caregivers don’t neglect their own needs when taking care of a family member. This workshop will teach you how to nurture yourself during the care-giving process so that your own capacity to care not only survives but thrives.

1:15 pm — Breakout Session 2B
Presenter: Tommy Montanarella, MC -  Alzheimer's Association Desert Southwest Chapter
Title: “Planning For the Future: Difficult Conversations”
Description: Helpful tips to assist families with difficult conversations related to dementia, including going to the doctor, deciding when to stop driving, and make legal and financial plans.

2:15 pm — BREAK

2:30 pm — General Session
Katurah Hartley - Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health
Title: “How Healthy Is Your Brain”
Description: Take action to keep your brain healthy to reduce your risk of dementia. Learn about the six pillars of brain health: exercise, diet, mental stimulation, social interaction, sleep and overall physical health. Learn ways to participate in Alzheimer’s prevention research – online.

3:30 pm — Closing