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The warning signs of dementia can look different in those with developmental disabilities.

Developmental Disabilities Supportive Services ProgramThe Dementia and Disabilities Supportive Services Program (DDSSP) offers free educational programming and behavioral consultations to agencies and individuals caring for people with developmental disabilities and dementia or those at risk for developing dementia. This program offers:

  • Educational presentations for family and professional caregivers
  • In-home consultations to help manage distressing behavior changes
  • Information on community resources

DDSSP Behavior Management Consultations

DDSSP – Behavior Management Consultations send highly trained professionals into the home with the latest techniques in dementia and disability support to help prevent and respond to distressing and disruptive behaviors such as anger and agitation, refusing care, sleep disturbances, eating changes, restlessness, repetitive behaviors, and delusions or hallucinations.

DDSSP Education Programs and Webinars

The DDSSP offers a variety of education programs via webinar throughout Michigan and may be scheduled in person in some areas and via webinar throughout Michigan.
DDSSP Service Area
DDSSP services are available in-person in the orange counties above. Education programs may be offered via webinar to the counties in purple.
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To learn more or to schedule DDSSP services, please call our 24/7 Helpline at 800.272.3900 or email us at