Introducing the Science Hub App

The Alzheimer's Association Science Hub is a free application that provides the latest news, information and expert views about research in Alzheimer's and related dementia. The Science Hub provides direct access to Alzheimer's Association resources including grant summaries, journals, TrialMatch, and other important information.

If you’re interested in the progress we’re making toward prevention, detection, and treatments for Alzheimer’s, stay in the know with Science Hub. This trusted tool distributes research, spreads awareness and delivers accurate information directly to your phone. A credible source that gives context as well as hope, Science Hub aims to educate on the latest dementia research in the news with confidence and reliability.

As the global leader in Alzheimer’s and dementia science, the Alzheimer’s Association shares internal and external perspectives, vetted by a team of scientists, at your fingertips. Science Hub is the only app in its class dedicated to Alzheimer’s and dementia science.

See the App in Action


Getting Started

How to download: Click on the following buttons to go directly to your device’s app store and download ALZ Science Hub.


You can also download the app by visiting your device’s app store and searching for “ALZ Science Hub.” Once the app is installed on your phone, you can start using it right away. There’s no login or password required.


Using Science Hub

We designed the app to help inform people of the rapidly evolving Alzheimer’s and dementia science. Science Hub allows you to:
  • Read research and news from the Alzheimer’s Association and other credible sources
  • See videos and viewpoints from leaders in the field
  • Link to AAIC, Part the Cloud, journals and grant programs
  • Read Leadership perspectives on the Alzheimer’s blog
  • Review stories on the Alzheimer’s blog
  • Receive notifications for breaking news and content updates

App Support

Have questions or suggestions to improve the app? Please contact Science Hub support via