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Pinterest is a popular social media tool, similar to Facebook and Twitter, but also different. It uses images first and then words to draw our attention. By design, Pinterest is a collection of virtual “pinboards" of information and resources assembled by people like you and organizations from around the globe.

Are you a caregiver or healthcare professional who can't get to the Virtual Library? Are you a person with Alzheimer's who wants a one-stop-shopping resource about the disease? Our Pinterest can help.

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Social cataloging and social bookmarking

Do you ever lose track of Web links and resources? Are you interested in new ways to organize online materials? Social cataloging allows you to catalog, index, and share your library of books or videos. Social bookmarking allows you to organize your websites and share them. Below are options and some are free. They may take little time to set up. Make your own lists and save your favorite materials related to Alzheimer's. Stay connected with other caregivers by sharing what you've found. Be sure to check out the wiki articles on social bookmarking and social cataloging to learn even more.

Social cataloging


LibraryThing is third-party software that allows you to catalog your Alzheimer's books online, for example, and access your catalog from anywhere. Some small libraries that do not have an online catalog are using LibraryThing, as well as bigger libraries to allow patrons to rate and review their library's collection.

When you download LibraryThing, you can add up to 200 books for free. Type the names of titles or download from Amazon, the Library of Congress or hundreds of other libraries. Share with your family and friends or link your catalog to your Facebook page. Paid personal accounts cost $10 for a year or $25 for a lifetime.


Search Alzheimer's books, DVD, CDs and articles to create lists, bibliographies and reviews that can be viewed by your friends or just by you. Make the best use of WorldCat and create a sign in account. Everything you need to know is provided through the home page.

Social bookmarking to keep track of your favorite bookmarks


View the YouTube video on Social Bookmarking in Plain English to learn about social bookmarking, the benefits and what you need to get started bookmarking your favorite Web sites on Delicious.com.


View the YouTube video Diigo Ver 3: Highlight and Share the Web to learn how to highlight any part of a web page, save it and share it with others. No more sticky notes!

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