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AACR Volunteer Opportunity

Once trained, Alzheimer’s Association Community Reps (AACRs) represent the Alzheimer’s Association Illinois Chapter by representing the Chapter at health & Wellness Fairs throughout the Chapters 87 county service area. After training, AACRs are asked to participate in a minimum of four events per 1 year.

What is an Alzheimer’s Association Community Representative (AACR)?

AACRs assist the Alzheimer’s Association in meeting the community needs by representing the Alzheimer’s Association at health and wellness fairs.

Become an AACR and join us in our fight against Alzheimer’s disease!

How can I become an AACR?

Create a volunteer profile and select “Alzheimer’s Association Community Rep.” You will need to provide two references: one personal and one educational/professional.

What can the AACR expect from the Alzheimer’s Association?

  • A thorough, initial training/orientation
  • Materials to support AACR activities
  • Opportunities to attend education programs (i.e., webinars, audio conferences and face-to-face)

AACR Qualifications?

AACRs must be organized, energetic, comfortable with public speaking and enjoy interacting with others. AACRs need not have professional experience in dementia care, though some personal experience is preferable.

Above all, AACRs must keep in mind that while serving in this role, they are representing the Alzheimer’s Association and no other organization. To avoid issues of conflict of interest, AACRs may not work in organizations or programs that are potential Association referral sources.

Contact Us

If you have questions, contact Melanie Adams at 815.272.2012 or

» Create a Volunteer Profile

In order to become a volunteer at the Alzheimer’s Association Illinois Chapter, we request that volunteers create a profile. This will help to inform us of your volunteer interests and availability.

Create a volunteer profile and select Alzheimer’s Association Community Rep as your area of interest.