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Talking about Alzheimer’s is difficult. Try listening first.

Many people delay having a conversation with their loved ones about Alzheimer’s, missing out on several medical, emotional, financial and social benefits of an early diagnosis. Either people are unaware of these benefits, don’t know the symptoms of Alzheimer’s or don’t know how to have such a difficult conversation with their loved one.

That’s why the Alzheimer’s Association and WNYC’s Snap Judgment have partnered up to create a mini-podcast of celebrity stories discussing the importance and benefits of having an early conversation with loved ones about Alzheimer’s.

Yvette Nicole Brown


The comedian, actress and host shares a powerful story of the important actions she took when her father's health declined while she was living more than 2,000 miles away.

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Liz Hernandez


The Access Hollywood host talks about discovering the warning signs of Alzheimer’s in her mother and shares the power of words and family when dealing with the disease.

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Art Smith


The acclaimed chef, who has cooked for five U.S. presidents, tells how he continued to make memories with his mother after her diagnosis with Alzheimer’s and encourages listeners to talk with their loved ones early so they can do the same.

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Mary Hogan


The best-selling author shares the story of following her gut when she noticed signs of Alzheimer’s in her husband, Bob, on a family trip and how an early diagnosis helped them plan together to live life to the fullest.

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Richard Lui


The MSNBC anchor tells how a holiday tradition forgotten led to a conversation with his dad about Alzheimer’s and how an early diagnosis made it possible for the whole family to make a plan.

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Conversation Starters

If you notice changes in yourself or a loved one, it's important to talk about it and see a doctor. The resources below can help guide your conversation.

Conversation Starters

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