The Longest Day 2018
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Rose's Story
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Inspired and dedicated to two of my Alzheimer's patients. The first, a well educated gentleman who had not spoken an entire sentence in months, walked into my office and stated "I'm now on the other side." He passed away a few months later. The second, a lovely lady who always wanted to go home, she would sit in her home of 45 years and beg me to go home. She "went home" the following year.

The Other Side

Ideas, like whirling dervishes, spinning, trance like, won't stop
rushing into my consciousness. they pulsate in deep regions
of my sanity, expecting me to categorize them now.

Intangible fingers start reaching into my intellect, searching,
probing for some reasonable explanation that's sleeping
somewhere in the recesses of learned and sensible know how.

Forgotten memories of things once gleaned from ancient texts.
From school rooms once attended, creep in to make tangible sense
of tangled thoughts and ideas that spin chaotically in my mind.

If I could just remember who I am and where this place is,
of who you are and why you seem to know so much about me.
If I could remember, that would put all my worries and fears behind.

I'm tired and frightened now, I want to go home and sleep.
I want the thoughts and sounds in my head to go away.
I close my eyes and see Mama on the porch.

Why do you keep stopping me, it's just a short walk there
but where can I go, I can't find home, I don't know who you are.
My mind's no longer troubled as Heaven I approach.

I hear the sounds of voices and they sound like sounds of love.
I can't tell you what I know but I know I'm nearly home.
And when I'm there and settled I won't worry anymore.

Don't cry for me for I was lost but now I've found my way.
And I remember who you are and what you had to say.
I'll wait for everyone I love on Heaven's golden shore. 


Alzheimer's Association

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