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Alzheimer’s Association Statement Phase III Results for Tarenflurbil (Flurizan)

Alzheimer’s Association Statement Phase III Results for Tarenflurbil (Flurizan)
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June 29, 2008
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Alzheimer’s Association Statement Phase III Results for Tarenflurbil (Flurizan)

On behalf of people with Alzheimer’s disease, their loved ones and caregivers, the Alzheimer’s Association is disappointed that the results from the Flurizan Phase III trial of an anti-amyloid therapy in Alzheimer’s were negative.  The study did not achieve statistical significance on either of its primary endpoints – cognition and activities of daily living.

Just because the Flurizan Phase III clinical trial failed, doesn’t mean that other amyloid-targeted therapies in the clinical trial pipeline aren’t valid. We learn a great deal from every clinical study. 

We are very pleased to see several compounds now in Phase III clinical trials for Alzheimer’s that represent a variety of treatment strategies. Clinical trials of possible Alzheimer’s therapies raise hope for an emerging new era in treatment of the disease. The odds are quite good that we’ll have more effective new treatments for Alzheimer’s in the near future.

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