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Introducing ALZ

A magazine of the Alzheimer’s Association

 As a trusted source of support and information about Alzheimer’s and dementia since 1982, the Alzheimer’s Association is an expert on the brain — the engine driving our ability to think, feel, remember, work and play. We’re launching ALZ magazine so we can share more about the body’s control center — and provide you with tips on how to make your brain a central focus of a healthy lifestyle.

Featured Stories


Natalie Morales Is Standing Up and Speaking Out

Journalist Natalie Morales talks about her family’s battle with Alzheimer’s.

Summer 2019


Between the Blank Stares

Jay Allen shares how his mother’s fight with Alzheimer’s inspired his country hit.

Summer 2019


A Healthy Brain Starts With a Healthy Heart

SPRINT MIND study shows promising findings on dementia risk reduction.

Summer 2019

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