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The Longest Day® is the Alzheimer's Association’s second signature fundraising event. The event is a global call-to-action to join the fight to end Alzheimer’s on the summer solstice, the day with the most light. Thousands of participants from around the world will come together on Saturday, June 20, to shine a light of hope and fight the darkness of Alzheimer’s.

Join the fight on June 20, and help light the way to Alzheimer’s first survivor! Register online at

Local Support 
For North Central Texas Chapter support or information on local sponsorship opportunities, please email Sarah Ethridge at or call 817-500-9720.

Local Facebook Group
We also encourage you to join our local Facebook Group to stay updated locally and access key local resources in file section.

Local Events for Everybody

The Stayton - Virtual Talent Show for The Longest Day!
June 19, 2020, All Day
View on Facebook Live 
The Stayton will be hosting a virtual talent show on The Stayton's Facebook page, @thestayton! They will be featuring videos of both residents and team members showcasing their skills, as well as an online silent auction:
Visit their team page here

Watauga 2020 Alzheimer's Walk on the Longest Day

June 20, Capp Smith Park, Watauga, TX
Walk on The Longest Day with local Watauga residents while also implementing social distancing and safety precautions!
Learn more or join the team here

Baking for The Longest Day
Are you a DFW local who likes baked goods? Ellen Munsterman is the participant to support! She is currently taking donations through Facebook for a variety of delicious treats that she will deliver to you! 
Check out her efforts on Facebook or on her Longest Day participant page

June 13, 6:30 a.m. - 9 p.m., Lake Wichita Park
The bicycle ride will take place from Lake Wichita Park. It will start at 6:30 a.m. and various events will last until 9 p.m. There is no fee to ride, but the team only asks that you consider making a donation to the Alzheimer's Association. They look forward to sharing this event with you!
Learn more or join the team here

Joshua Ingram - Live Concert for The Longest Day
June 20th, 10 a.m. - 11 p.m.
Facebook Live
Celebrate The Longest Day with some live music online! Joshua will be playing songs from memory all day to honor those facing Alzheimer's disease. He will be streaming from his Facebook page and it is open to the public. 
Learn more at his team page

Emma and Alex Geehan
Get inspired and check out Emma, 6, and Alex, 3, as they Get Up and MOVE to end Alzheimer's! They are committing to do activities throughout the day, like yoga, running and biking in memory of their great grandmother, Mabel. 
Learn more about their team here

Lisa's Texas Garden 

Lisa is gardening to raise funds and awareness in honor of the Friday Friends. From now to June 21, make a donation and take home a Texas native plant!  Visit Lisa's page.