POINTER-Microbiome researchers want to understand how lifestyle changes impact microorganisms (like bacteria) in your gut and how changes in gut bacteria relate to brain health.

The gut-brain connection

The microorganisms in your gut help your body digest food. These microorganisms can send signals to your brain using different chemicals, and your brain sends signals back to your gut.

Many of the microorganisms in the gut are helpful for normal body function, while others can be harmful. This sub-study will help us learn how the POINTER lifestyle intervention affects the gut microbiome and how these changes might influence the health of the mind.

Participating in this sub-study will help us learn whether a healthy lifestyle improves the bacteria in your gut and how these changes might help to protect your brain.

Only those enrolled in the U.S. POINTER study are eligible to be included in the ancillary study.

Learn more about U.S. POINTER.

"Gut microbiome research is very exciting since it may give us a new window into why diet and nutrition are so important for brain health. This work may tell us more about how and why 'good fats' help keep the brain healthy and help guide brain-healthy dietary choices."

Maria C. Carrillo, Ph.D., Alzheimer's Association Chief Science Officer

Maria C. Carrillo, Ph.D.,
Chief Science Officer, Alzheimer's Association

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