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Zenith Society: Our Highest and Most Involved Level of Philanthropy

The Alzheimer's Association Zenith Society sets the bar for philanthropic leadership, engagement and impact. Members advance initiatives in research, advocacy, awareness, care and support. The Zenith Society was founded by businessman Jerome H. Stone to unite individuals, families and others who seek to change the course of Alzheimer's and better serve those facing the disease. The Society's 105 members have collectively given more than $220 million since 1990 to further the Alzheimer's Association's mission.

Jerome H. Stone - Alzheimer's Association and Zenith Society Founder

"Do something here and now. If you have some money, share it. If you have some time, do something worthwhile."

Jerome H. Stone

Alzheimer's Association
and Zenith Society Founder

Zenith Society Philanthropists Are Leading a Movement

Zenith Society members are helping us move closer to our vision of a world without Alzheimer's and all other dementia.

Woman speaking at podium

Philanthropic Leadership

Zenith Society members are the philanthropic visionaries of the Alzheimer's Association. Individually and as a group, they make lead investments that launch new initiatives and inspire other donors to give. Launching the Global Alzheimer's Association Interactive Network, founding Part the Cloud and leading the Alzheimer’s Impact Movement (AIM) are just a few of many examples of how members have been at the forefront of the Alzheimer's movement.

Woman talking with others

Deep Engagement

Zenith Society members are energized and inspired by their interactions with top scientists, policymakers, public figures and other philanthropists who share their passion and commitment. Member benefits include special invitations to attend the annual Alzheimer's Association International Conference® in locations around the world and AIM Advocacy Forum in Washington, D.C.

Man speaking at podium

Transformational Impact

The Zenith Society is helping change the realities of Alzheimer's and all other dementia for everyone affected. Members' gifts have contributed to groundbreaking scientific advancements toward risk reduction, early detection and effective treatment of cognitive impairment and ensured growing numbers of people receive quality care and support.

"Thanks in large part to the Zenith Society, the Alzheimer’s Association has driven extraordinary progress in a relatively short time."

Joanne Pike, DrPH
President and CEO, Alzheimer’s Association

"Every Zenith Society member we have met has inspired us with their passion and commitment."

Clay and Debbie Jones
Zenith Society Co-Chairs

"We always said if we got an opportunity, we are going to invest to help change the world."

Jerre and Mary Joy Stead
Zenith Society Member

"I believe if you want to make a difference, you've got to do it now."

Mary Barton Smith
Zenith Society Member

Upcoming Events

AAIC® Global Immersion Experience

July 27-29, 2024
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

ALZ NYC: National Philanthropic Leadership Experience

October 22-23, 2024
New York, New York

The Alzheimer's Association Zenith Society represents our highest and most involved level of philanthropy — setting the bar for leadership giving in critical mission areas of Alzheimer's care, support, advocacy, awareness and research. Together, these inspirational donors are transforming the realities of Alzheimer's disease.

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