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Why I Got Involved

Alzheimer's Association Champions and Zenith members share why they got involved with our mission.
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Darlene Shiley - Running time 2:38

How Association funds are used

How Association funds are used - pie chart

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Alzheimer's Association meets all 20 Better Business Bureau Charity Standards

The Alzheimer's Association Zenith Society represents our highest and most involved level of philanthropy — setting the bar for leadership giving in critical mission areas of Alzheimer's care, support, advocacy, awareness and research. Together, these inspirational donors are transforming the realities of Alzheimer's disease.

Message from Harry Johns, President and CEO

Zenith Society Members not only have the ability to make a real, tangible difference in the fight against Alzheimer's disease today — they have the ability to change the future of the disease for those who will be affected tomorrow. The Alzheimer's Association is so grateful to these donors, who exemplify and elevate charitable giving and involvement. I invite anyone who shares the passion of these donors to learn what it means to be a Zenith Society member.

Harry Johns, Alzheimer's Association CEO and President

Harry Johns, Alzheimer's Association
CEO and President


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