Study Overview

U.S. POINTER is a clinical trial to evaluate whether lifestyle interventions that simultaneously target multiple risk factors protect cognitive function in older adults (age 60-79) at increased risk for cognitive decline. It is the first such study to be conducted in a large group of U.S. residents.

Approximately 2,000 volunteer older adults who are at increased risk for dementia have been enrolled and will be followed for two years. Two lifestyle interventions will be compared, which vary in intensity and format. Eligible volunteers are randomly assigned to these interventions to evaluate whether cognitive benefits from a structured program differ from a self-guided program.

Lifestyle interventions combining multiple behavior components show promise as a therapeutic strategy to protect brain health. The two-year FINGER study reported that a combination of physical activity, nutritional guidance, cognitive training, social activities and management of heart-health risk factors protected cognition in healthy older adults with an increased risk of cognitive decline. No current pharmacological treatments rival this effect. There is an urgent need to expand this work to test the generalizability, adaptability and sustainability of the FINGER study's findings in geographically and culturally diverse populations worldwide.

Key Eligibility for U.S. POINTER

  • People between the ages of 60 and 79
  • People who are not regular exercisers (generally less than 3 times per week)
  • People who may have other risks for memory loss in the future such as family history of memory problems or slightly high blood pressure, cholesterol or blood sugar.
  • Live within an area where the study is being conducted
  • Additional criteria evaluated at screening

U.S. POINTER is no longer recruiting participants as of March 1, 2023.

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U.S. POINTER Site Locations

Advocate Health Care

Chicago, Illinois
Phone: 1.847.720.6467

Baylor College of Medicine

Houston, Texas
Phone: 1.713.798.5452

Butler Hospital

Providence, Rhode Island
Phone: 1.401.455.6402

Rush University Medical Center

Chicago, Illinois
Phone: 1.708.660.6463

UC Davis School of Medicine

Sacramento, California
Phone: 1.916.734.0121

Wake Forest School of Medicine

Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Phone: 1.833.361.7591

Other Clinical Trial Opportunities

Participating in Alzheimer’s research is a highly valuable contribution to a better future for all. There are important clinical trials underway that need participants.

Learn about studies that are currently recruiting participants by visiting and completing a TrialMatch profile online or call 1.800.272.3900 (press 1 for clinical trials). Completing a TrialMatch profile does not commit you to participating in a study.

Study Overview
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