Patrick and Jaleh Peyton

Member since 2016

Patrick and Jaleh Peyton

Patrick and Jaleh Peyton

Patrick Peyton lost his father to Alzheimer's disease in 2003. As he learned more about the Alzheimer's Association and its efforts to advance care, support and research, the leader of his own private equity firm saw a mission he wanted to invest in.

Patrick's first philanthropic gift to the Association enabled the 2012 launch of Alzheimer's Navigator®, an innovative online assessment program in which families create action plans to manage the disease.

Patrick has served on the Association's board of directors as well as that of its nonpartisan advocacy arm, the Alzheimer's Impact Movement (AIM), which he and his wife, Jaleh, support in a variety of ways. The next generation of the Peyton family has participated in the Association's advocacy efforts as Young Champions. Together the Association and AIM have helped secure major public policy victories including historic increases in National Institutes of Health funding for Alzheimer's research and expanded insurance coverage of care planning services for people living with cognitive impairment.

"Change is coming. Momentum is building," Patrick says. "We want to provide the best care and support to families facing this disease while driving progress toward treatment and prevention forward. If you want to be a part of history, now's the time to get involved."

The Alzheimer's Association Zenith Society represents our highest and most involved level of philanthropy — setting the bar for leadership giving in critical mission areas of Alzheimer's care, support, advocacy, awareness and research. Together, these inspirational donors are transforming the realities of Alzheimer's disease.

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