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Public Health
Public Health
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Make Alzheimer's the next public health success story.
Your resource to realizing better dementia outcomes for all.

Just Released – Healthy Brain Initiative Road Map

Read the full HBI Road Map. Public Health leaders can realize a better future for all communities impacted by Alzheimer’s.

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BOLD Action Against Alzheimer's

New Congressional action will greatly expand public health infrastrastructure to better address Alzheimer's

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Topic-Specific Public Health Action

Explore 11 Alzheimer’s-specific issues in-depth with resources and examples to guide public health action against dementia.

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Alzheimer's as a Public Health Issue

Historically, Alzheimer's disease has been seen as an aging issue, but more and more people are viewing Alzheimer's as a public health issue because the burden is large, the impact is major, and there are ways public health can intervene.

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