Shape the future of care and support for those living with Alzheimer’s and their care partners

LINC-AD (Leveraging an Interdisciplinary Consortium to Improve Care and Outcomes for Persons Living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia) is an international network leading the next phase of psychosocial research in order to achieve better outcomes for those facing the disease.

Many voices equal stronger outcomes

This five-year interdisciplinary consortium, funded by the National Institutes of Health, is composed of researchers, individuals living with dementia, family caregivers, and long-term and community-based care providers. Guided by the Alzheimer’s Association Dementia Care Practice Recommendations — the benchmark for quality person-centered care across the disease spectrum — LINC-AD will work to elevate the state of psychosocial research.

Become a LINC-AD Affiliate

Sign-up is free. As an affiliate, psychosocial researchers in dementia care can connect with other researchers in the field, including learning about grant opportunities, conferences and virtual webinars.